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Henry Shriber

Director of Human Resources

Henry Shriber is a filmmaker from Seattle, Washington, who realized at a young age that making movies can be more than a hobby. His recent western short film titled “Crooked River” (2022) provided him with the experience of organizing a theatrical premiere and attending film festivals. He hopes his future in filmmaking is informed by his love of travel, and other artistic interests such as creative writing and painting.


Pyrrhic - Short Film

Director, Writer

Crooked River - Short Film

Director, Writer

Searching for Solace - Short Film

Director of Photography, Producer

Highlight - Short Film

Writer, Director

A Nice Way to Live - Feature Film

Casting Assistant, Producer

Currently in Production:

The Big One - Short Film

Director, Writer, Editor

I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore - Short Film

Assistant Director

Henry Shriber
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