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Beckett Hobbs is a Jewish Writer-Director from all over. Born in a small suburb in Illinois, adventured through the sensuous city of London, and rested in the majestic mountains of Washington, he now studies film at Emerson College in Boston. Beckett seeks out new perspectives to contribute and push his own. He is a filmmaking Swiss army knife, having worked as a Director, Writer, Producer, Assistant Director, Executive Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Actor, and Production Assistant, contributing to 8 completed productions, with 9 currently in development. Beckett's goal is to create art that promotes deep reflection upon ourselves and our communities. He values collaborators who embrace diverse perspectives and aims to make films that encourage artistic contributions from all production members.


"I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore"  -

Coming November 2024

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Rebound  (2024)

Executive Producer

I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore (2024)

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Executive Producer

No Words (2024)

Executive Producer

The Big One (2023)

Executive Producer

JoySauce Late Night (2023)

Assistant Editor, PA

A Nice Way to Live (2022)

Producer, AD, Co-Cinematographer

Henry's Nouveau (2021)

Co-Writer, Producer, AD

Finding a Valentine (2021)

Co-Cinematographer, Supporting Actor

Sender's Address (2020)

Co-Director, Writer, Producer, Lead Actor


Reconnected  - Feature Documentary

Head Writer, Producer


Shoelace  - Short Film

Director, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer

Drag!  - Feature Documentary


Canis Lupus  - Short Film



Kwaddu  - Short Film

Key Grip

The Wonderful World of Imagine Tomorrow - Series

Executive Producer

Mi Padre, El Tex Ranger - Short Film

Executive Producer

Imagine Tomorrow - Short Film

Executive Producer

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