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Henry Shriber is a filmmaker from Seattle, Washington, who realized at a young age that making movies can be more than a hobby. His recent short film, “The Big One” provided him the experience to organize a theatrical premiere and attend film festivals. He hopes his future in filmmaking is informed by his love of travel, alongside his other artistic interests of creative writing and painting.

Henry's work has been featured at many film festivals such as NFFTY, Indie X Film Festival, Independent Shorts Awards, Seattle International Film Festival, All American High School Film Festival, Utah Film Festival, and Miami Short Film Festival.

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Rebound (2024)

Co-Director, Writer, DP, Executive Producer


No Words (2024)

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Executive Producer

I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore (2024)

Assistant Director, Executive Producer

The Big One (2023)

Director, Writer, Editor

A Nice Way to Live (2022)

Casting Assistant, Producer

Crooked River (2022)

Director, Writer

Highlight (2022)

Director, Writer

Searching for Solace (2021)

Director of Photography, Producer

Pyrrhic (2020)

Director, Writer



Shoelace - Short Film

Executive Producer

Mi Padre, El Tex Ranger - Short Film

Executive Producer

The Wonderful World of Imagine Tomorrow - Series

Executive Producer

Imagine Tomorrow - Short Film

Executive Producer

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