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Logan Sarzalejo is a Screenwriter and Director from Sammamish, Washington. Logan has always been fascinated by the imagination and wonders that stem from all forms of storytelling. Beginning his filmmaking journey at a young age, Logan strives to maintain the whimsy and creativity of telling stories, striving for authenticity, and focusing on character-driven narratives that can connect to all audiences.

Logan's work has appeared in the Independent Shorts Awards and Lift Off Global Network Film Festivals. His upcoming short film "Tex Ranger" is currently in pre-production.

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Rebound  (2024)

Executive Producer

I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore (2024)

Executive Producer

No Words (2024)

Executive Producer

The Big One: The Day Bigfoot Shot Dad (2023)

Executive Producer

El Drácula (2023)

Production Designer

A Nice Way to Live (2022)

Producer, Assistant Editor

Highlight (2022)


Searching for Solace (2021)

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer


Shoelace Short Film

Executive Producer

Mi Padre, El Tex Ranger - Short Film

Director, Writer, Producer

Kwaddu - Short Film

Assistant Director

The Wonderful World of Imagine Tomorrow - Series

Director, Actor, Editor

Imagine Tomorrow - Short Film

Director, Writer, Producer

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